An Unwavering Commitment to Responsible AI Design

Paxton AI is distinguished by its team's extensive experience in artificial intelligence, marked by a deep commitment to responsible and ethical AI deployment.

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Our Approach to AI

We started Paxton because we know that AI can help lawyers deliver better client experiences, reduce the tedium of their work, and help firms grow their businesses. Our goal is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge artificial intelligence and the nuanced and very human world of law.
Paxton is built on a Retrieval Augmented Generative AI framework to ensure it provides accurate, consistent citations, and does not cite fake cases. We chose this approach based on our experience developing AI products for highly regulated industries and enterprise customers, such as the insurance industry.

Meet the Minds Behind Paxton

The core of Paxton's innovation stems from its team – a blend of AI experts, legal professionals, and tech visionaries.

Tanguy Chau
Co-Founder & CEO
Tanguy earned an Engineering M.S. & Ph.D., and an M.B.A. from MIT, where he also served on the Board of Trustees. Before founding Paxton AI, Tanguy spent seven years as a venture capitalist investing in Enterprise SaaS and AI companies at Formation 8 & Mayfield Fund.

He maintains an Investment Advisory Law license with FINRA and served as Chief Compliance Officer for an SEC-registered asset manager. He began his career by co-founding and serving as CTO for Sample6 and later joined McKinsey & Co., where he befriended Michael more than a decade ago.
Michael Ulin
Co-Founder & CTO
Michael is an accomplished leader in artificial intelligence.
Prior to founding Paxton AI, Michael was the founding engineer and VP of AI for ZestyAI, an AI-focused property-insurance risk assessment company and one of CB Insights’ Top 100 AI startups.

He has developed new product recommendation algorithms, built machine learning models to identify valuable technology patents at RPX, advised Fortune 500 companies at McKinsey & Co., and drafted the Federal Reserve’s response to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.

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Priority on Platform Security

Ensuring the safety of your data is our top commitment. Paxton AI employs industry-leading encryption and security practices, providing a trusted environment for all your legal research needs.

Paxton AI follows American Bar Association’s guidelines on Legal AI.

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