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James Cameron

CEO, Cardbox

Our Users Love Paxton

"Having the ability to input policy documents or other text to get a first pass at potential issues, or produce a memo draft, is a force multiplier in terms of research and drafting"

Nate Woodford


"It's just a super helpful tool for me to be able to do the everyday work that I have to do"

Doe Gregersen

Head of Legal,
Above Lending

“Whether it’s trying to find just that right case law that I’m having boolean issues with, or if it’s where I just can’t get my writing to sound the way I want it to, or using Paxton as a jumping off point, it definitely saves me time"

Pamela Ferro

Pamela Fero Law, PPLC

What is Paxton?

Paxton is an advanced AI platform designed to support legal and business professionals by automating and enhancing tasks such as contract review, legal drafting, and document analysis. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, including proprietary Legal Language Models, Paxton streamlines complex legal processes, improves accuracy, and drives efficiency across a wide range of applications.

How does Paxton work?

Paxton works by integrating proprietary Legal Large Language Models (LLMs) specifically developed for the legal industry. These models are trained on a vast array of legal documents, case law, statutes, and regulations, enabling Paxton to understand and process complex legal language with high precision.

Is Paxton secure?

Yes, Paxton emphasizes security, ensuring all operations are conducted within a secure environment. Our platform is built with proprietary Legal Large Language Models (LLMs) that operate on an enterprise-grade security framework. Paxton allows firms to deploy these models within their own cloud infrastructure. This approach gives firms full control over their data and access, aligning with stringent data governance and compliance standards.

What payment methods are accepted by Paxton AI?

At Paxton AI, we are committed to ensuring a seamless transaction process for our users. We accept a variety of payment methods to accommodate your needs. Currently, you can use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Stripe Link, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These methods ensure efficient and secure processing of your payments.
Please note, we do not accept ACH transfers, Cash App, or prepaid credit cards.

Why do I see a $1.00 charge on my credit or debit card?

If you recently signed up for Paxton, or you’re a current subscriber and added a new form of payment to your account, you may see an authorization hold that appears as a pending transaction on your statement. Holds are typically for $1, but you may see other amounts. Authorization holds help us ensure that the payment information is valid. They are generally reversed immediately on our end, just keep in mind that it may take 3 to 5 business days for some banks to process.

Elevate your legal practice with advanced AI-driven research and drafting tools. Experience unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and security designed specifically for legal professionals.