Our pricing is designed to fit your law firm's budget. We offer the adaptability and ease of month-to-month plans, without requiring a long-term annual commitment.

Get instant access to
our user-friendly AI platform.
Limited use for those who want to see AI in action.
Access comprehensive Federal and
State regulations database
Limited query usage
No document upload and analysis
Single user account
Limited support
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Per user, per month.
Free Two-Week Trial
Designed for legal professionals who want to streamline their legal work.
Full access to our AI legal assistant
Comprehensive Federal and
State regulations knowledge base
Custom document
uploads for personalized insights
Drafting assistance for
memos, emails, legal briefs, and more
Regulatory compliance reviews
for your documents
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Built for law firms and corporate legal departments looking for enhanced security and collaboration features.
All the benefits
of the Professional Plan
Single Sign-On (SSO)
for enhanced security
Advanced user
management capabilities
Collaboration features
for shared document sets
Priority customer support
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For the budding legal minds, students with a .edu email can access all the professional features - a perfect fit for your academic journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paxton AI?

Your AI-driven legal assistant. Paxton streamlines legal research, drafts documents, and answers regulatory questions, making legal operations smoother and faster.

How does Paxton AI work?

Paxton combines the latest AI technology with a vast knowledge base of regulations. Query or upload documents for rapid insights.

Is Paxton AI secure?

Absolutely. Paxton is designed with top-tier data security. Uploaded files are securely stored in a Google Cloud Platform datacenter and are encrypted. They are only used for the user who uploaded them and can be deleted at any time. We meet all SOC II requirements and offer options for deployment behind firm firewalls.

Does Paxton AI replace lawyers?

No, Paxton is an assistant, built with a feature set to augment the capabilities of legal professionals, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

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