Paxton AI's CTO, Mike Ulin, Presents at BoA + Technology Association of Oregon Execs

This past week, the Technology Association of Oregon, in collaboration with Bank of America, hosted the esteemed "Navigating Dynamic Markets" event. We're proud to share that Mike Ulin, CTO and Co-Founder of Paxton AI, was among the distinguished panelists who shared their insights and experiences.

The event was a deep dive into the current state of the equity markets, the banking sector, and various capital sources, including venture capital and debt. With the recent soft reopening of the IPO markets, discussions revolved around the implications on valuations and how businesses are strategizing and preparing for the future.

Mike Ulin, representing Paxton AI, provided invaluable perspectives on how dynamic markets impact the legal tech industry and how Paxton AI is navigating these changes. His insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by shifting market conditions were particularly enlightening for our client base of attorneys.

Other notable panelists included John Ewert, CFO of Eclypsium; Stephanie Kunert, Senior Relationship Manager at Bank of America; Allie Magyar, Chairwoman of the TAO Board of Directors; Mat Ellis, Founder of Sixty AI; and Yalda Moshiri, Co-Founder of SaF.

For those who couldn't attend, the event was a testament to the importance of staying updated with market trends and understanding their implications on various industries, including legal tech. It also highlighted Paxton AI's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and ensuring our platform remains relevant and valuable to our users.

We're grateful to TAO and Bank of America for organizing such a pivotal event and for including Paxton AI in the conversation. If you're curious about how Paxton AI can revolutionize your legal research process in these dynamic times, we invite you to check out our platform and experience the power of AI-driven legal research firsthand.

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