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Interview with Nathaniel Woodford: Streamlining Compliance Research with Paxton AI

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We recently had the privilege of conversing with Nathaniel Woodford. A proud alumnus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's law school, Nate has established a prominent presence in the legal realm. As the Associate General Counsel at Maviate, he brings deep expertise in a range of sectors: space, aerospace, aviation, cybersecurity, international trade, and national security law. Below, he delves into how Paxton AI has revolutionized his research methods and positively influenced his work.

Interviewer: Michael Woodson, Operations Lead at Paxton AI

Michael Woodson: Hello Nate, thank you for taking the time to discuss your experience with us. As you delved into the practical applications of Paxton AI, was there any standout feature or key piece of value that particularly caught your attention in your usage?

Nathaniel Woodford: The biggest value for me was the time saved during initial research. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, we had to identify the export classification of a certain tech product. Instead of manually searching through hundreds of classification numbers, the AI search tool quickly provided me with potential classifications, saving me hours of research.

Michael Woodson: It sounds like there's a drastic reduction in time spent. Did you expect Paxton to be this effective?

Nathaniel Woodford: I had hoped for a good starting point, but the precise suggestions exceeded my expectations. It greatly streamlined my research process.

Michael Woodson: Beyond that particular use case, are there other areas where Paxton has been beneficial?

Nathaniel Woodford: Primarily, I use it for research. Other features, like video-to-text and policy document analysis, could prove invaluable. An AI tool reducing the man-hours spent on compliance is a game-changer, especially with changing regulations. It ensures I stay updated on regulatory changes, such as the recent executive order affecting US businesses investing in China.

Michael Woodson: Have you leveraged Paxton for document drafting?

Nathaniel Woodford: Yes. Business professionals prefer concise information over long research papers. Paxton helps me draft clear, concise memos in less time. Overall, it saves me time on initial research and drafting, allowing me to focus on value-add tasks.

Michael Woodson: How has the integration of Paxton into your daily workflow been?

Nathaniel Woodford: Seamless. The query-based structure means I can quickly get answers, cross-check them, and reply confidently to business queries. It's accelerated my workflow and sometimes even educates me on regulations I wasn't aware of.

Michael Woodson: Would you have any advice for attorneys who are new to using the product?

Nathaniel Woodford: I suggest focusing on querying the AI about laws and regulations rather than expecting detailed factual analysis. The AI excels at referencing regulations, and this approach ensures attorneys sidestep potential confidentiality or ethical issues. It's optimal to let the AI handle the rules' research and allow legal professionals to apply those rules to specific fact scenarios. This is probably the best division of intellectual labor, as the AI can research and monitor the rules while the attorneys and compliance professionals can then apply to their set of specific facts while maintaining client confidentiality.

Michael Woodson: We've covered a lot. In summarizing your experience and satisfaction with Paxton AI, could you encapsulate your feelings in a sentence or two?

Nathaniel Woodford: Absolutely. I'm profoundly satisfied with the Paxton's current capabilities and eagerly anticipate its evolution. It has markedly reduced my research time. The convenience of having a tool that directly provides relevant regulatory citations, coupled with summarizing the results, is invaluable to small, often understaffed legal and compliance teams looking to efficiently maximize their value and impact to their clients.

A big thanks to Nate for sharing his insights. For our readers who are intrigued by the potential of Paxton AI, feel free to sign up and try the platform for yourself.

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