Product Updates

Introducing New User Feedback and Copy-Paste Features to Enhance Your Paxton AI Experience

We at Paxton AI are constantly striving to refine and enhance your experience with our platform. Our commitment to providing top-tier legal assistance is reflected in our ongoing efforts to innovate and respond to user needs. Today, we're excited to announce two significant updates to the Paxton AI platform: the addition of user feedback buttons to queries and a new copy-paste feature for easy response handling.

1. User Feedback Buttons: Your Opinion Matters

Understanding how Paxton AI is performing for you is crucial to us. That's why we've introduced user feedback buttons to each query. This feature allows you to quickly tell us whether a response was helpful or not.

How It Works:

  • After receiving a response from Paxton, you'll notice a simple feedback option.
  • Select 'Good' if the response meets your expectations, or 'Bad' if it falls short in any way.
  • For both responses, a text box appears, inviting you to provide more specific feedback. This information is invaluable as it helps us understand where improvements are needed.

Your input directly influences how Paxton AI evolves and adapts, ensuring that our tool becomes more attuned to your specific legal research and drafting needs.

2. Copy and Paste Feature: Simplifying Your Workflow

In response to user requests for more streamlined functionality, we've implemented a copy-paste feature for each query response. This addition is designed to make it easier for you to utilize the information generated by Paxton.

How It Works:

  • Next to each Paxton AI response, you'll find a 'Copy' button.
  • Clicking this button automatically copies the response and any cited sources to your clipboard.
  • You can then easily paste this information into your working documents, saving time and reducing the hassle of manual copying.

This feature is particularly useful for attorneys and legal professionals who need to quickly integrate AI-generated insights into their legal documents or research notes.

Your Experience, Enhanced

These new features are part of our ongoing commitment to making Paxton AI a more intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly tool. We believe that by incorporating your feedback directly into our development process and enhancing the platform's usability, we can provide a service that truly revolutionizes legal research and drafting.

As always, we thank you for choosing Paxton AI and look forward to continuing to serve your legal technology needs with innovative solutions.

Explore the New Features Today

We invite you to log in to Paxton AI and explore these new features. Your feedback and experience drive our innovation, and we're excited to see how these updates enhance your workflow.

For any questions or additional feedback, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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