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Major New Product Announcement from Paxton AI - AI Chat

Major New Product Announcement from Paxton AI

We are thrilled to announce some major new features for Paxton AI, developed with valuable feedback from our user community. Our latest updates are designed to enhance your legal research experience, making it more efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly. Let's dive into what's new!

1. Chat with History

Interactive and Continuous Conversations: Our new chat feature allows you to have multi-turn conversations with Paxton, accessing trusted legal and regulatory sources, including case law, laws, rules, regulations, and SEC Filings. You can even chat with files you upload to Paxton, as well as web search results.

Clarifying Questions and Custom Formatting: Get the information you need, ask for clarifications, or request Paxton to format your research into a memo, email, or other formats.

Search History: A significant addition is the ability to view the history of your searches in your Paxton account. You can now pick up any prior conversation right where you left off.

Citations and Follow-up Questions: As always, your responses come with citations to sources and suggested follow-up questions to help you focus your inquiry.

2. New Miscellaneous Improvements

Enhanced Response Quality: We've made significant improvements to the quality of responses you receive from Paxton.

Bluebook Citations: Now, get Bluebook citations along with your responses for more precise legal referencing.

Improved Source Viewer: View information directly in the Paxton Platform with our enhanced source viewer.

Currency in Laws and Regulations: Stay updated with the latest laws and regulations, including currency information.

We are committed to continuously improving Paxton AI to make your legal research work more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Try out these new features today and let us know what you think. Your feedback drives our innovation, and we can't wait to hear from you!

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Your experience and feedback are invaluable to us. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements, as we are constantly working to make Paxton AI the best legal research assistant it can be. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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