Paxton AI Unveils Comprehensive Case Law Access: Revolutionizing Legal Research

Paxton AI Unveils Comprehensive Case Law Access: Revolutionizing Legal Research

Unlock comprehensive U.S. Case Law access with Paxton AI – Streamline your legal research and stay ahead with the latest legal precedents.

Paxton’s database now includes all Federal cases, and State Appellate cases above the district level. This means Paxton users can search, have Paxton answer sophisticated questions, and ask Paxton to construct clear arguments based on decades of US legal decisions.

Unlike other AIs, Paxton was designed with the needs and workflows of attorneys in mind. Paxton is required to cite every single claim it makes, providing attorneys the ability to verify and check its references. In addition, because of a filter applied to its language model, it’s unable to generate references to nonexistent cases.

Why This Matters

Legal research is time consuming, especially in studying case law. Previous AIs haven’t helped solve this problem because their tendency to make things up and their inability to reliably cite sources has forced attorneys to spend even more time chasing down the truth than just doing the work. By combining Paxton’s verification and citation tools with an expansive body of case law, Paxton is ensuring:

  1. Time-Efficiency: Say goodbye to hours of tedious search. The platform's advanced AI optimizes your search, curating the most relevant results aligned with your needs.
  2. Depth of Analysis: Delve into comprehensive insights, engage in comparative analysis, and access a vast reservoir of legal precedents with unparalleled ease.
  3. Precision: The AI-driven mechanism ensures that your search results are precise, minimizing the risk of overlooking crucial case laws.

Watch Our Walkthrough Video

To get you up to speed with Case Law, we've prepared a walkthrough video.

Experience the Future

Legal research is an intricate process, requiring a blend of accuracy, speed, and depth. With the inclusion of comprehensive case law access, Paxton AI encapsulates all of these attributes, positioning itself as the future of legal research.

Unmissable Offer: Free Access During Beta

Paxton AI is available for free during our beta period for all users. No credit card details are required. Whether you're a seasoned Paxton user or new to the platform, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the transformative benefits of our video analysis feature and more. Signup here:

Get in Touch

Paxton AI's commitment to revolutionizing the legal research domain doesn’t end with the introduction of this feature. They have an ongoing pledge to support their users. If you have queries or need assistance to make the most of this new feature, the Paxton AI team is just an email away at

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