Paxton AI's Mike Ulin on the Techlandia Podcast

Paxton AI's Mike Ulin on the Techlandia Podcast

Join Mike Ulin, Co-Founder of Paxton AI, on the Techlandia podcast as he discusses with host Skip Newberry the transformative power of AI in legal tech.

Join us for an exciting episode of the Techlandia podcast, presented by the Technology Association of Oregon, where Paxton AI's Co-Founder and CTO, Mike Ulin sits down with host Skip Newberry. Dive into a compelling conversation about the integration of AI in legal technology and how it's shaping the future of the legal industry.

🌟 A Conversation Not to Miss

This special episode offers a rare opportunity to hear directly from one of the leading innovators in legal tech. Mike Ulin brings his insights and experiences as the CTO and co-founder of Paxton AI, discussing the journey, challenges, and future aspirations of AI in legal practices.

🔍 Techlandia: Advocating for the Tech Industry

Techlandia, backed by the Technology Association of Oregon, is more than just a podcast. It's a platform exploring new technology and its impact on the region, workforce, and companies. The podcast advocates for the tech industry, hosting conversations with people who are at the heart of technological advancements.

💡 Insights on AI and Legal Tech

In this episode, Mike Ulin delves into how Paxton AI is revolutionizing legal research and document drafting, offering invaluable perspectives on the current state and potential growth of AI in legal services.

🎤 Tune In for the Full Story

Whether you’re a legal professional, tech enthusiast, or someone curious about AI's role in the future of law, this podcast is an invaluable resource. Listen to it on Apple, and Spotify to gain a deeper understanding of the exciting developments in legal tech with Paxton AI.

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