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Paxton: now searching the whole web

Elevate Your Legal Research with Paxton's New Feature: Web Search!

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing feature on Paxton: Web Search! Your feedback is invaluable to us, and it’s been the driving force behind this exciting update. Now, Paxton not only assists you with legal research but also brings the vast expanse of the web to your fingertips, all within the Paxton platform.

Introducing Web Search

Starting your research with a quick Google search? Paxton can now do that for you, summarizing the web’s content and providing you with a concise overview of your topic of interest. Whether you’re exploring what other law firms have stated on a topic, summarizing the latest news related to a current issue, or getting up to speed on a new industry or subject matter, Paxton’s Web Search has got you covered.

Simply sign in to your Paxton account, click on Web Search, and enter your search terms. Paxton will perform up to 7 different queries, synthesizing the results into a comprehensive summary. Plus, you’ll receive links and citations for source verification and suggested follow-up questions to deepen your research.

Synthesizing web research on recent news in data privacy law

Use Case: Enhancing Legal Research with Web Search

Imagine you’re an attorney researching the recent developments in data privacy laws, particularly focusing on implications for tech startups. Instead of toggling between various tabs and manually sifting through numerous articles and legal databases, you utilize Paxton’s Web Search.

You input “What are recent changes in data privacy laws for tech startups?” into Paxton. The AI searches the web, summarizing findings from various sources, including law firm publications, news articles, and legal databases. It provides you with a synthesized summary, highlighting key changes, implications, and notable cases, all while citing sources and offering links for deeper reading.

Moreover, Paxton suggests follow-up questions like “How do new data privacy laws impact international tech startups?” or “What are the penalties for non-compliance?”, enabling you to delve deeper and explore adjacent areas seamlessly.

This not only saves you time but ensures that your research is thorough and encompasses a wide array of sources, enhancing the robustness of your legal research and strategy formulation.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Research

Paxton's Web Search is here to revolutionize your research process, offering you a seamless and efficient way to navigate through the boundless information available online. Coupled with Paxton’s existing capabilities to delve into curated legal content, this new feature ensures that your research is as comprehensive and informed as possible.

We invite you to experience the enhanced Paxton with Web Search, bringing unparalleled depth and efficiency to your legal research. Dive into a world where AI empowers your research, ensuring you stay abreast of the latest developments, case laws, and expert opinions in the legal realm.

Try Paxton AI Now

Embark on a journey where technology and legal expertise converge, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in your legal practice. Explore Paxton AI and discover the future of legal research today.

We hope this new feature brings additional value to your research endeavors and we’re excited to hear about the innovative ways in which you utilize Web Search in your practice. Your insights drive our innovation, and we’re committed to continually enhancing Paxton to serve you better. Click here to try Paxton Web Search.

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