Special Appearance on The Geek in Review Podcast!

When tech innovators make waves in the legal realm, it's bound to pique interest. This was evident when Paxton AI’s dynamic co-founders, Mike and Tanguy, were invited to join a recent episode of the widely acclaimed The Geek in Review podcast.

Diving Deep with The Geeks

The Geek in Review has long been a favorite among legal professionals, shedding light on the newest tech developments and their applications in the legal world. Hosting Paxton AI’s leaders was a natural fit given our disruptive approach to legal research and document drafting.

Highlights from the Conversation

  1. The Paxton AI Corpus: Mike and Tanguy delved deep into the expansive corpus of Paxton AI, which boasts millions of documents encompassing every federal and state statute, all published federal case law, and state case law above the district court level.
  2. Redefining Citations: The duo highlighted Paxton’s unique and spot-on citation system. A system that doesn't just make claims but also provides exhaustive references to back them up.
  3. Embracing Automation: Perhaps the most enlightening part of the discussion revolved around how AI can efficiently handle repetitive tasks. By streamlining these processes, lawyers can refocus their energies on high-level strategic thinking, offering unparalleled value to their clients.
  4. Real-world Impact: Mike and Tanguy weren't just about showcasing the capabilities of Paxton AI. They also emphasized the tangible difference the platform is making in the lives of legal professionals. Case in point: the anecdote about BJ, an associate who managed to save three crucial hours in a week, thanks to Paxton.

Beyond the Podcast

The appearance on The Geek in Review isn’t just about sharing Paxton AI's journey and vision; it’s a testament to the impact AI is making in the legal landscape. When two worlds – technology and law – come together with such synergy, it paves the way for efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

We're at the cusp of a transformation, and Paxton AI is thrilled to be leading the charge.

For those who missed the episode, or simply wish to indulge in the insights once more, you can tune in here.

As always, we're eager to hear about your experiences with Paxton AI and how we can further refine our platform to serve you better. Here’s to the future of law, powered by AI!

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