We are thrilled to announce the launch of Paxton AI, a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed specifically for lawyers. Our mission has always been to use technology to drive innovation in the legal field, and we believe Paxton AI is a big step forward in achieving that vision.
As an attorney at a law firm, you're constantly balancing your time across client matters, business development, management, and more. Finding enough hours in the day can be a challenge. What if you could dramatically multiply your team's output without adding more lawyers? With Paxton AI, you can.
A quick insider's guide to some of the top legal AI tools available today
Paxton's groundbreaking legal platform tackles the delicious debate that's been sizzling across America: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Discover how this culinary conundrum varies from New York to California to Texas, and how the answer is shaped by the legal landscape. Are you ready to know the truth?
Our CTO and cofounder, Mike Ulin, spoke about AI on behalf of Paxton at Bank of America and the Technology Association of Oregon Executives' event
Paxton AI will be competing in the prestigious Startup Alley competition, where 15 of the most innovative legal tech startups will showcase their solutions.
Paxton AI has achieved a monumental milestone at the prestigious ABA Techshow Sartup Alley. This accolade is a testament to our innovation, dedication, and the unwavering support of our community.
Dive deep into the innovative insights shared by Mike Ulin and explore how AI is reshaping the landscape of legal services.
In a recent episode of the Law School Toolbox podcast, host Alison Monahan welcomed Paxton AI Founders, Mike Ulin and Tanguy Chau for an enlightening discussion about their AI legal assistant.
In an era where technology and law intersect more than ever, Paxton AI is excited to announce a groundbreaking development in legal technology: our Legal Language Model designed specifically for the legal sector. This innovation represents a significant leap in the integration of AI in legal practices, offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and depth in legal research and drafting.
Paxton AI proudly announces a $6M seed round! This key milestone bolsters our commitment to lead in Legal AI Software innovations. Join us in this exciting phase as we shape the future of the legal tech landscape."
In an article published by Forbes, Tanguy Chau, CEO and Co-Founder of Paxton AI, examines the profound impact of Generative AI on the legal industry.
Join Mike Ulin, Co-Founder of Paxton AI, on the Techlandia podcast as he discusses with host Skip Newberry the transformative power of AI in legal tech.
We're thrilled to be finalists for two awards at the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards
Dive into a captivating session as Paxton AI's co-founders join 'The Geek in Review' podcast, illuminating the AI revolution in the legal domain. Discover how Paxton is redefining legal research, automating tasks, and making tangible differences in professionals' lives. Listen now and witness the future intersection of tech innovation and legal expertise.
Paxton AI recently made a splash at the Ultimate AI Pitch Arena hosted at Amazon HQ in Seattle, securing an impressive third place among North America's top AI startups.
Discover the transformative journey of Tanguy Chau, CEO of Paxton AI, from Silicon Valley VC to legal tech innovator.

Elevate your legal practice with advanced AI-driven research and drafting tools. Experience unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and security designed specifically for legal professionals.